Movement and strength class for improved joint health

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Movement function should always come before strength. What does this mean and how do we achieve this in our lower body so our strength training is effective?

In this class, you will learn the following key points to help you work out more effectively so you take your triathlon training to the next level and improve your performance.

To achieve lower body movement function there are a few steps that are involved:

1. Knowledge – Knowing which areas of the body contribute to restricting hips, knees, and ankle stiffness and using a combination of releasing and activating exercises to get the joint moving well before you train.

2. Technique set up for each strength exercise – If you don’t set up correctly when you do a squat, with the weight distributed in the right areas of the body then it can fire up the incorrect muscles and can cause restriction and injury in your lower body instead of strength.

3. Gradual loading – Improving strength without damaging your joints needs to come from gradually loading the body so both muscle and tendons can strengthen. If you put too much load through the body too quickly you can strain a tendon, which then takes a long time to recover.