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‘I feel more mobile and have definitely less pain. I enjoy doing the exercises because they don’t take up a lot of time and I can do them at my own pace. Naomi has broken down the exercises to their simplest form so the movements are very easy to follow. I realise how important it is to do the right movements so you can switch on the parts of your body that need strengthening for greater mobility and flexibility. I applaud all of you for setting up this program. Y”ou do a fantastic job and I appreciate you are always available to advise and answer questions.’

Marilyn Wine


Are you sick of your body being stiff and sore?

We teach you how to take command of your body, through guided video lessons that teach you how to train effectively so you can move at your best and stay young.

Life does a great job of distracting us from our health goals, pulling us in different directions such as work, being a parent, and other commitments that give us very little time to train consistently, build strength and maintain healthy movement throughout our body. The Build program has been created to deliver 3 short and effective guided workouts, so you can maintain consistency, learn how to train yourself effectively, do your training anywhere, anytime, and fit it into your schedule no matter how busy your life becomes.

We know following a training program while juggling life’s commitments is challenging so we support you the whole way with regular check-ins and a private online catch-up session every 4 weeks to keep you motivated and on track with your training, so moving well becomes a regular part of your life.

Each block of training introduces a new tool so you get variety and stay interested while you learn how to move efficiently and train effectively.

If you want a program that builds with you, and you want to learn how to move your body better, gain strength and endurance, improve your balance, and gain mobility then this course is for you!

We kick off your training with an online 45 minute private assessment, so we can:

  • Understand your movement goals
  • Understand your movement and injury history
  • Assess your default movement patterns and assist you to understand them
  • Teach you how to correctly set up for various exercises so you can get maximum benefits from your training
  • Select 3 daily exercises from the resource library based on your assessment outcomes, that will assist your individual movement needs and enhance your performance outcomes.

We set up an online private training catch up once a month to follow your progress, keep you motivated, and keep a check on your technique. All this is included in the price!

On completion of your first 15-week program, we reassess your movement and level you up, so you are always being challenged appropriately and progressing well.


Still not convinced? Book your FREE 45 minute online assessment to experience what we do, ask questions, and see if its what you are looking for.


  • A mat
  • Dumbbells
  • A foam roller or alternatively a  rolled up towel
  • Yoga block – or alternatively a thick book 3 inches
  • Swiss ball (not introduced for the first 6 weeks)
  • Sliding discs (not introduced for the first 8 weeks)
  • Power bands (not introduced until 10 weeks)

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