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‘Naomi is, by some margin, the most accomplished, knowledgeable and effective trainer I have worked with in more than 40 years of sport and training. As an active bloke in my mid 50’s who has had a 2-level spinal fusion and two subsequent microdiscectomies, my training and exercises today need to be perfectly targeted if I’m going to keep doing the things I love – golf, skiing, walking and cycling. I couldn’t do any of it without Naomi. As a sports physician said to me a couple of years ago. “keep seeing Naomi”, I intend to, you should too.’

Justin Kirkwood


Are you sick of being stiff and sore after you run or ride? Do you find you get repeat problems in the body so just can’t improve your performance the way you want to?

If you are a runner or rider you understand the training demands on the lower body are high, which means maintaining good alignment and efficient movement throughout the body is essential if you want running and cycling to be a part of your life long term.

Being an athlete myself I understand how difficult it can be to fit extra training in around your current running and cycling commitments. Over the past 20 years, I have assisted many everyday athletes and professionals to move at their best so they can perform at their best. The biggest issue has always been time. How do you fit in the conditioning and strength component 2-3 times a week around an already full 10-20 hours of training, plus work and life commitments without dropping the ball? This is when I realised that providing an online option where athletes can do an effective program at home and have regular online private sessions with me would mean the athlete gets stronger and reduces the chance of injury while being able to maintain their current training and workload.

Each program is designed and selected to fit your current needs and movement ability. The sessions are no longer than 20 minutes long and can be done, anywhere, anytime, and fit in around your current running or cycling regime. This gives you an optimal chance to train consistently, prevent injuries, and improve your overall performance.

If you want to get rid of your niggles and keep running and cycling in your life. You want to learn how to move efficiently, train effectively, and enhance your performance then this program is for you.

We kick off your training with an online 45 minute private assessment, so we can:

  • Understand your movement goals
  • Understand your movement and injury history
  • Assess your default movement patterns and assist you to understand them
  • Teach you how to correctly set up for various exercises so you can get maximum benefits from your training
  • Select 3 daily exercises from the resource library based on your assessment outcomes, that will assist your individual movement needs and enhance your performance outcomes.

We set up an online private training catch up once a month to follow your progress, keep you motivated, and keep a check on your technique. All this is included in the price!

On completion of your first 15-week program, we reassess your movement and level you up, so you are always being challenged appropriately and progressing well.


Why do we do an assessment?

If you are not assessing movement then you are guessing. For us to select the right program level and know your specific needs we must do an assessment. Doing this will also create a benchmark for us to work from so we have measurable results each time we meet and reassess.

How is this done on zoom?

I think this is a very good question. Surprisingly the zoom/skype/facetime sessions are very effective. As the coach, I am able to see everything I see when I train clients face to face. I have found that verbal cueing is essential as I am unable to give tactile feedback.

If you want to know if this program is right for your needs please book a 15-minute chat below.




  • A mat
  • Dumbbells
  • A foam roller or alternatively a  rolled-up towel
  • Yoga block – or alternatively a thick book 3 inches
  • Swiss ball (not introduced for the first 7 weeks)
  • Sliding discs (not introduced for the first 8 weeks)
  • Power bands (not introduced until 10 weeks)

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