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Why is good mechanics so important when you train for sport?

Being a movement specialist, triathlete, and an active busy mum, I have thought about this question a lot. As most of you would know if you are training for a half or full Ironman, fitting in your swim, bike, and […]

Functional Feet – A secret weapon in movement performance

We spend a lot of time working out ways to get more developed muscles, more stable knees, hips, and shoulder joints, and a better working core. I have not yet had someone come to me saying I really want to […]

How to maximise your weight training

One of the first things I look at when someone comes to see me for training is their postural imbalances. Everyone has them, and if we don’t first look at this then we cannot provide our bodies the best kind […]

Is your body working for you or against you?

4/01/21 This topic is why I became a movement specialist many years ago. Very commonly people will start a workout routine so they can get fitter and stronger, but through poor movement and overload, they end up spending their time […]

The go hard or go home mentality: Does it equal effective training?

24.12.20 Having worked in gyms for much of my career I have seen a lot! The go hard or go home mentality, the no pain no gain, and the quick and fast is best training, to name a few. I […]

Don’t let your body get in the way of what you love

Most people see strength training as a means to get fit, and in some ways this is true, however I see training as a way to teach and prepare the body for life’s activities, so there is no hesitation or […]


Avoid a DNF (Did Not Finish) by nailing your race nutrition Racing long distance, whether it be a triathlon, an ultra-run, or a long-distance bike race, all have one thing in common… Making sure your nutrition is spot on can […]

Balance: How does it effect performance?

Balance is one of those things that you don’t notice you need until you lose it. Like anything balance needs to be trained. When we don’t train balance, we can be more susceptible to falling, when you are training if […]

Muscular endurance V Muscular strength: What’s the difference?

In a nutshell, muscular strength is your ability to lift a maximum weight with minimal repetitions. Muscular endurance is your ability to lift a lighter weight and move it for a longer period of time without getting exhausted. With this […]